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The UK Defence crisis planning in humanitarian assistance disaster relief (HADR) operations during climate change

A lecture with Squadron Leader Lee James Ashcroft

This lecture is an examination of command and control (C2) in early response since 9/11.

Event details

Squadron Leader Ashcroft graduated from Initial Officer Training at RAF College Cranwell (RAFC) following previous service in the Army Intelligence Corps.   Employed as a Logistics Officer specialising in Air Movements he has been employed in a number of staff roles at the operational and strategic level, while also leading in some key NATO projects, such as Smart Defence Initiatives for MOD Main Building.  Ashcroft was promoted Squadron Leader in 2018. 

During his RAF Service career Ashcroft has served on NATO Operations in Kandahar, Afghanistan, and Officer Command Detachment Supply Group (DSG) in Iraq (2008), Kenya (2010) and Minhad (2014). 

Ashcroft has just completed a CAS Trenchard Fellowship with Exeter University in 2024.


Knightley Board Room