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Joint talk - A Multifaceted Exploration of Emotion Dysregulation and Mood Instability

Mood Disorders Centre Think Tank Seminar Series

Our guest speaker is Xici Wan from the University of Exeter.

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This research will delve into the interplay of biological and environmental factors on emotion dysregulation (ED) and emotional lability (MI), focusing on the complex dynamics between the two, based on Linehan's biosocial model. This study will employ an observational cross-sectional and prospective design, including the experience sampling method (ESM), which will capture real-time data on emotional states and regulatory strategies, providing a detailed snapshot of participants' emotional states.  This study will test the independent and interactive effects of early and current biological vulnerabilities and ineffective environments on emotion regulation strategies, MI, and ED. The independent and interactive effects of biological and environmental factors on bipolar disorder (BD) will be explored more specifically in the future based on UK biobank data. Meta-analytic research methods will also be used to systematically analyze the relationship between emotion dysregulation and BD characteristics.


Online via Zoom