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Creative Dialogues: Possibilities of learning in higher education through the art of Olafur Eliasson

Event details

Creative Dialogues is jointly hosted by CEEN and Literacies, Dialogue and Thinking Strand of the Centre for Research in Language and LIteracy. 

This event invites staff and doctoral students to engage in the possibilities of learning in higher education through the art of Olafur Eliasson. Olafur Eliasson is known for his installations that explore themes of perception, environment, and human interaction. His innovative use of light, colour, and space creates immersive experiences that challenge our understanding of art as pedagogy and how it can inform the world around us.

After a brief introduction to Eliasson’s work through the lens of art education, we will open a discussion around the broader pedagogical implications of his practice. How, for instance, might Eliasson’s approach to art-making inform pedagogic approaches that help students engage with and learn about topics related to environmental consciousness, technology, AI, democracy, and social engagement?

Rather than using a written text, the discussion will evolve from an artist’s interview about his work and creative philosophy, which can be found here: YouTube: Olafur Eliasson Interview