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"What is Data-Intensive Science?" - Dr Sabina Leonelli


This workshop is the first event in the project DATA_SCIENCE ( ). It brings together the key participants in the project, with the aim to start long-term discussions around what constitutes data-intensive science, compare the ways in which different scholars and fields conceptualise and enact data practices, and agree on the set-up, methods and themes to be pursued by the project team and collaborators over the next four years. Speakers will be presenting the specific sciences that they are researching, the methods that they use and the themes that they are interested in exploring in the future. The workshop is meant to provide an informal occasion for discussion, and will therefore not showcase full papers except from the keynote lecture provided by Professor Luciano Floridi, which will target the intersections between philosophy of science and philosophy of information in ways that will stimulate data-related discussions.

Event details

ERC_Workshop1_Prog_Web_10_16.docxProgramme (21K)


Jurys Inn, Western Way, Exeter