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Exeter Medical Education Research Group (EMERGe) Seminar

Patient-centred professionalism, healthcare students and the hidden curriculum Seminar by Professor Charlotte E. Rees, Director of the Centre for Medical Education, University of Dundee.

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There has been much discussion within the medical education literature about inter-related aspects of the curriculum (formal, informal and hidden) and how these interplay with medical students’ learning. We know that students learn patient-centred professionalism, partly from what they are taught in the formal, often University-based, curriculum, but mostly from what they see in the medical workplace in terms of how clinicians talk about and talk to their patients. With the advent of formal professionalism curricula, students are commonly placed in professionalism dilemmas because what they are taught as part of the formal curriculum contradicts what they see as part of the informal and hidden curriculum.

Drawing on a 10-year programme of research about the education of patient-centred professionalism, Charlotte will address four questions in this seminar:

1. What is patient-centred professionalism?
2.    What is the hidden curriculum?
3.    How can we reveal the hidden curriculum through narratives?
4.    How can we foster patient-centred professionalism in workplace learning?
These events are supported by the Faculty Development fund.

Both staff and students are welcome to attend


Baring Court 114