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How to solve a company / commercial legal problem workshop

With Henry Maples, Associate Solicitor with Murrell Associates

Understanding how commercial lawyers operate is one of the qualities that will “set you apart” from other candidates when writing law firm applications and at interview. If you would like to gain greater insight in to how to answer a typical application form “killer” question: “What attracts you to a career in commercial law and why do you feel your skills suit this career?”* Or “What key skills do you believe are necessary to become a successful commercial solicitor?”*, then this is the session for you. By gaining first-hand experience of looking at and working on a typical commercial legal problem, you will be able to identify the skills required to pursue a successful career in commercial law. The session will be led by Henry Maples, Associate Solicitor at the commercial law firm Murrell Associates. You will be presented with background materials in advance of the workshop and during the workshop have time to analyse the issues and discuss solutions. Please register for the event on My Career Zone. Advance registration is required in order for us to supply you with the materials by email in advance. Both law and non-law students are welcome to join in the session which will be both informative and fun – only a passion for commercial law is required, no previous knowledge! *real questions from real application forms.

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