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Health Economics Group Seminar: The effects of self-management of long-term conditions on health and healthcare utilisation: evidence from a short panel

Speaker: Professor Matt Sutton, Professor of Health Economics, Manchester Centre for Health Economics, Institute of Population Health, University of Manchester

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Better self-management of long-term conditions is frequently cited as a way to improve
population health and reduce costs to the health and social care system. Such self-management activities include exercise and diet, rest and relaxation, information-seeking, use
of alternative therapies, and adherence to medication.

However, relatively little is known about the distribution and consequences of such behaviours. Moreover, identification of the effects of such self-investments on health and healthcare utilisation is beset with estimation problems.

The research uses three waves of data from a survey of over 4,000 individuals with long-term conditions to examine the effects of 12 forms of self-management behaviours on a range of health and healthcare utilisation outcomes. This unique dataset allows the team to control for variations between individuals in their attitudes towards self-management and their reporting behaviour, and for reverse causality.

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