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41st Exeter Maritime History Conference

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‘The Lure of the East: European Seafaring Beyond Suez’

  • Tony Farrington(British Library, India Office Records), Seventeenth century seamen entrepreneurs in the East India Company.
  • Ken Cozens (University of Greenwich), East London merchant networks in Asia: the Fitzhugh’s 1750-1800, East India Company agents in Macao.
  • Roger Smith (University of Greenwich), The export of clocks and watches to the East Indies in the eighteenth century.
  • Randolph Cock (University of Liverpool), The lure of science in eastern waters, from Bougainville to Challenger.
  • Peter Ward (University of Exeter), Admiral Rainier and the Royal Navy’s role in extending British imperial control east of Suez.
  • James Thomas (University of Portsmouth), The sea captain, the Nawab, and the pilgrimage: a maritime yarn examined.
  • Michael Clark (University of Greenwich), Selling coal or selling lives: the Pacific coal trade 1876-1896. Mary Jones (University of Exeter), Admiral Marx and Captain Clayton on the Australian station.
  • David Clements (South West Maritime History Society), Sailing trades to the eastern regions in the late nineteenth century.
  • Dionisius Agius (University of Leeds), The Red Sea Sanbuq, merchants, pilgrims and travellers.
  • Bob Wilson (UK Hydrographic Office), In the service of the Sultan. Britain and the Omani navy since 1960.