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Iberian Transitions Workshop

Iberian Transitions Workshop

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Following the launch of Portuguese at Exeter in 2013 with the appointments of Dr Susana Afonso and Dr Ana Martins, the Centre for Translating Cultures, Department of Modern Languages, will host an exploratory workshop, 'Iberian Transitions'. The event seeks, first, to foster exchange between scholars who specialize in peninsular Spanish and peninsular Portuguese studies. Second, it will encourage interdisciplinary approaches to the Spanish and Portuguese Transitions from dictatorship to democracy in the 1970s, paying attention to questions of the 'Long' and 'Second' Transitions. Through three panels and a round table discussion, the workshop aims to open up dialogue between scholars who approach the Transition from literary, filmic, gender, historical and more broadly cultural perspectives.

139_Iberian_Transitions_Poster.pptxIberian Transitions Workshop (366K)
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IAIS Building/LT1