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IBCS seminar - 'How immunological homeostasis is maintained in the respiratory tract'

IBCS seminar from Professor Tracy Hussell, University of Manchester

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Our basic immunology programme feeds into all aspects of inflammatory disease. We have published evidence that the default state of lung innate immunity is activation and that it is restrained by the local microenvironment, predominantly by factors expressed or secreted by the respiratory epithelium. Our research is currently investigating: factors expressed or secreted by the respiratory epithelium that regulate innate immunity; the impact of genetic deletion of such factors on innate immune activity in the steady state and during acute inflammation, and analysis of the unique phenotype of alveolar macrophages. This work extends into the fundamental understanding of infection, commensal microbiota, autoimmunity and development of novel immunotherapies, and is relevant to other mucosal surfaces and beyond.


About the speaker:

Tracy completed her PhD at University College London where she identified Helicobacter pylori as an aetiological agent in human gut lymphomas. After her PhD, Professor Hussell moved to Respiratory Medicine at St Mary's Hospital to study immunity and pathology to respiratory syncytial virus. In 1998 she accepted a lectureship in the Centre for Molecular Microbiology and Infection (CMMI) at Imperial College. She was subsequently awarded a career development fellowship by the Medical Research Council. Professor Hussell was awarded a Personal Chair in inflammatory disease at Imperial College London in 2006 and has developed a vibrant research group studying immune health and its deregulation in the lung. Professor Hussell is currently the Director of the Manchester Collaborative Centre for Inflammation Research (MCCIR) at The University of Manchester.


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