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"Breaking Boundaries Symposium" Andy Clark (University of Edinburgh) and John Dupre (University of Exeter)


“Where does the mind end and the rest of the world begin?” This question opens a now classic article, published in 1998, in which philosophers Andy Clark & Dave Chalmers advanced the idea that the mind is not realized just by the brain, but can sometimes “extend” into the world.

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Since then, Andy Clark has developed this view in several works, and many other philosophers have endorsed and refined it. At the same time, in the philosophy of biology, John Dupré and others have advanced a view of organisms as processual and complexly interrelated with one another through symbiotic relations, thus challenging the view of living systems as individuals bounded by the skin. In this symposium, Andy Clark and John Dupré will present, compare and discuss their views on the boundaries of minds and organisms, with the aim of evaluating the extent to which their ideas and arguments are complementary, and/or whether or not they can support one another. 


Byrne House