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Translation and Gender: A European Perspective

A Centre for Translating Cultures Seminar supported by Erasmus Plus

Abstract Can we talk about a European gender translation geography and is it possible to outline it? There are various questions that should be included as starting points of a possible mapping on gender and translation in Europe, questions that consider many factors such as specific issues in the field resulting from the works of Canadian scholars, the institutionalisation of translation and gender in European countries or the translation techniques and strategies considered as feminist and the objectives there have been outlined in these last decades. A European translation and gender map is an important step in order to recognize the state of art in the various contexts and the possible routes to take acknowledging the many issues that have come out in the literary, cultural and translation theoretical debate in the last decades and which have intersected with gender. To look for theoretical and practical answers to feminist translation theories and practices in Europe today is central in order to understand our cultural production, many aspects of our social formation and our perception of the translator’s role and ethics. Dr Federici is Associate Professor of English and Translation Studies in the Department of Literary, Linguistic and Cultural Studies, University L'Orientale, Naples.

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Peter Chalk Centre 2.2