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IHR Seminar: Issues to consider when moving from development to pilot testing in complex interventions: an example of a nurse-led clinic for individuals with Heart Failure in Switzerland

Speaker: Dr Petra Schafer-Keller, Nurse Researcher; Lecturer, University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Western Switzerland – School of Health Sciences

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For research into complex interventions, when to move from the development and modelling phases to testing and evaluation is a matter of uncertain judgement. Schafer-Keller and colleagues have a programme to develop, test, evaluate and ultimately implement a nurse-led clinic for individuals with heart failure in Switzerland. They will outline the mix of qualitative and quantitative methods, and the results of their intervention development stage aimed at uncovering both healthcare professionals’ perceived challenges in delivering heart failure care, and the needs and existing self-care abilities of individuals with heart failure. As this phase comes to an end, they will discuss how to translate such findings into an evidence-informed complex intervention ready for the next stage of pilot testing.

In this seminar, Petra will present the preliminary modelling of this complex intervention using a six stage intervention mapping process and will discuss selected stages in detail. Audience participation will be encouraged during the seminar in order to consider incorporating elements evolving from seminar discussions into the modelling process.