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Collecting and Analysing Social Media Data

How to collect the data, analyse and visualize data from popular social media platforms.

This workshop, taught by Prof. Robert Ackland (ANU and Uberlink), provides an introduction to social media analysis using the R package SocialMediaLab. The package provides an easy way to collect text and network data across multiple popular social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram). You will learn how to collect the data, analyse and visualize it, and generate different types of networks for analysis.

Event details

Participants should have basic knowledge of R, and are required to bring their own laptops (with wifi access). Detailed instructions about the packages that should be installed and the scripts that need to be downloaded will be provided to registered participants ahead of the workshop.

To register, please follow this link, or copy and paste it in your browser: Please provide your name and university email address, we will use it to send you a link to the materials used in the workshop. Please note that the workshop is capped at 25 attendees, so please register early.


Building:One Matrix Lecture Theatre