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Issues, factors and strategies in the translation of multilingual operas

Prof. Marta Mateo (University of Oviedo; Spanish Ministry of Education Visiting Professor)

Prof. Mateo is Professor of Translation Studies at the University of Oviedo and is in Exeter for six months on a Spanish government-funded visiting professorship. Her talk (in English) will be open to all, undergraduate, postgraduate and colleagues alike. Abstract: This talk will first discuss some key issues that are raised by the translation of multilingual operas –relating to the question of meaning, the function of language in musical texts (particularly complex in plurilingual ones) and the advisability of translation; it will then look into the various factors that may influence translation strategies, examining some target texts of a few relevant libretti (with varying functions and degrees of multilingualism) which have been produced for different translation modalities.

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Queens Building LT2