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ESRC Seminar Series: The role of diagnosis in health and wellbeing: Diagnosis, technologies and innovation

A social science perspective on the social, economic and political costs and consequences of diagnosis. Key speakers include: Andrew Webster, Sally Wyatt and Katie Featherstone

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Contemporary Western medicine is deeply intertwined with technologies to facilitate its major functions: detecting, diagnosing, treating and preventing disease and disorder. From early technological innovations such as the stethoscope and the scalpel to genetic tests or MRI scans, such technologies embody particular conceptions of what parameters (ought to) define a disease and influence ideas about what sort of remedial technology is appropriate and how disease categories are understood by patients, physicians and the public. Technological innovations are also shifting locations of diagnosis (e.g. e-health initiatives) and blurring distinctions between health and disease through a focus on ‘at risk’ categories. This one day seminar explores contemporary drivers of technological innovation in diagnosis, the impact of new technologies and the challenges they present for governance.

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Reed Hall