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Guest lecture on the Icelandic constitution

The Human Rights and Democracy Forum of Exeter Law School ( is delighted to welcome special guest lecture by leading Icelandic constitutional lawyer, Ágúst Thór Árnason, on the topic of "Iceland 1944 – 2016: Founding the republic with a new codified constitution". Iceland went through a process of constitutional reform after its banking crisis and our guest was directly involved in the initial stage of the reform as a member of the 2010 – 2011 Constitutional Committee that draft the first report in this process. Ágúst Thór Árnason is one of the leading figures of Icelandic constitutionalism and works at the University of Akureyri ( He is the co-founder of the Polar Law Program at the University of Akureyri with Prof. Gudmundur Alfredsson. Ágúst Thór Árnason will share his experience as one of the drafters and his analysis of the reform as a constitutional law scholar. The lecture will be followed by a discussion.

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Streatham Court D