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IHR Seminar: How free are you to share what you work on? How free are others to use what you have learned? How much, in academia, do we really freely share what we learn with wider society?

Speaker: Dr Mike Allen Senior Modeller, PenCHORD

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Free Open Source Software (FOSS) is a movement that advocates free sharing of knowledge. In this short seminar I will talk about my experience of trying to make everything I do freely available to others, from data, to software, to research (the algorithms we used and developed), to publication. I won’t try and tell you what choices you should make. Rather, I shall share my experiences of trying to work in a world that uses and shares knowledge completely freely (thankfully very, but not completely, positive). I will talk about what it is like to try and live in the academic community without Microsoft Windows and Office, or Apple OSX, or any other commercial software.