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"Squandered value? How to overcome the challenges of joining up government data for statistics and research", Ed Humpherson & Catherine Bromley (UK Statistics Authority)

Egenis seminar series joint seminar with Politics

To speak to people involved in linking Government datasets is to enter a world that at times seems so ludicrous as to be Kafkaesque. Stories abound of Departments putting up arcane barriers to sharing their data with other parts of Government; and of researchers waiting so long to get access to data that their funding runs out before they can start work.

Event details

We want to turn this on its head, and make data access and linkage much less frustrating. Our recently published report outlines six outcomes for government to achieve that we hope will foster a new and better environment for high quality, trustworthy linkage and analysis. The lecture will explain the rationale for the six outcomes and the changes we want to see happen.

2:30-3:30 Refreshment and informal networking

3:30-4:10 Lecture by Ed Humpherson and Catherine Bromley

4:10-4:30 Comments by Oliver James and Sabina Leonelli

4:30-5:00 General discussion



Byrne House