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Network Analysis for Social Scientists

Q-Step Data Analytics Workshops

This workshop provides an introduction for beginners to Social Network Analysis. It gives an overview of key concepts needed to design research that looks at social relations (networks) that connect individual units (actors), so that students can apply social network analysis to their own research.

Event details

The workshop focuses on the description and visualisation of social network data, looking at structural properties of a network, as well as ideas of centrality in the network. To understand the SNA perspective, practical examples are given from academic literature, illustrative graphics from the media, and source material visualised through R. An ability to program in R is not required for following the substantive portion of the workshop, but is required if you wish to follow along with the examples using code provided.


Pre-requisites: Familiarity with R or have attended workshop 4 (Introduction to R)


Attendance at this event is free of charge but booking is essential as space is limited. Register now via My Career Zone.