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EGENIS seminar series: "Developing a cross cultural comparison of child mental health: stories from the field", Dr Ginny Russell, Dr Abby Russell & Daisy Elliott (University of Exeter)

Egenis seminar series

In this seminar we want to examine differing cultural understandings of child mental health gleaned from our recent working visits to Peru, India and Vietnam. We will each give a brief introduction to the history of one region, our host institutions, and the understandings of child mental health that we gleaned, using photos to illustrate. We hope to discuss how to synthesise culturally informed understandings about children’s mental health in a planned trans-national comparison. We will have a particular focus on girls’ mental health and gender inequality.

Event details

The comparison we are developing will be secondary data analysis of children’s risk and resilience to mental health problems using an international dataset called Young Lives. It contains longitudinal data on approximately 1000 children from each of the host countries covering children’s socio-economic, family, geographical, community and educational situations. Young Lives also containing key variables measuring children’s mental health throughout their lives. We will outline how we intend to approach analyses of these data, and ask whether cross-comparing children’s strengths and difficulties (as measured in Young Lives) transnationally is valid.


Byrne House