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IHR & CTU Seminar: Measuring site performance in multicenter randomized trials

Speaker: Prof Alan Montgomery

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Large multicentre trials are complex and expensive projects. Researchers focus great efforts on achieving recruitment targets, but this alone does not ensure overall success of a study. Other important factors include how well sites retain participants, and whether they can collect high quality, complete data in a timely manner. There is no consensus on the key metrics that should be used to measure site performance. A standardised set of clear and accessible summaries of site performance could facilitate early identification and resolution of potential problems, minimising their impact.

We used a comprehensive, mixed methods approach that we adapted from the COMET Initiative for developing core outcome sets in order to identify potential metrics and achieve consensus about the final set. I will present methods and results of the different phases of the project, demonstrate a practical tool that we developed to display key metrics during a study, and discuss future use and evaluation of the core set.

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