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Visualising Latin American Discourses from a Digital Rhetoric Perspective

Dr Nohelia Meza, Visiting Research Fellow, Schoold of Languages, Cultures and Societies, University of Leeds

Latin American electronic literature is still a relatively unexplored area of study as far as interdisciplinary research methodologies are concerned. This study aims to construct a scientific and artistic exchange between Digital Rhetoric, Latin American Cultural Studies, and Digital Humanities to examine the role of digital rhetoric practices in the construction of cultural discourses in Latin American works of electronic literature. The research project aims to facilitate an interdisciplinary dialogue between these previous approaches in order to provide new methodological tools to study Latin American electronic literature from different disciplines and perspectives, and incorporate digital practices in the humanities, such as data visualisation techniques to facilitate evaluation, comparison, and analysis of our results. Following recent methodological approaches on Digital Rhetoric, and Latin American Cultural Studies, I address three main questions: 1) How are discourses and conc

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