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The importance of sleep for brain and cognition - on this planet and off this planet

IBCS seminar

Lunch followed by talk - Dr Ivana Rosenzweig Clinical Senior Lecturer in the Neuroscience of Sleep King's College London

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Dr Ivana Rosenzweig obtained her MD from the University of Zagreb and her PhD from the Trinity College, University of Cambridge. She is a Clinical Senior Lecture at King’s College London and a sleep physician at one of the biggest sleep disorder centres in Europe at Guy’s and St Thomas Hospital in London.  She is the head and founder of Sleep and Brain Plasticity Centre (SleepCity) at the King’s College London, where she is currently exploring the role of sleep on brain plasticity and cognition, both in clinical and preclinical studies, with a particular focus on the neurobiology and cognitive sequelae of various sleep disorders. The mission of the SleepCity laboratory is to generate new understanding of mechanisms behind dementia and other serious neurological and psychiatric disorders, and to propose their treatment and prevention through utilisation of sleep neurobiology.