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EGENIS seminar series: “Evolution evolving”, Prof John Dupre (University of Exeter)

Egenis seminar series

My title refers both to changes in the theory of evolution and to changes in the processes of evolution themselves. With regard to the former, I shall discuss the gradual relaxation of the hegemonic grip of so-called neo-Darwinism, as this has had to confront insights into phenomena such as the variety of modes of inheritance and of sources of novelty, the two-way interaction between organism and environment, and the widespread significance of biological plasticity.

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The pluralistic view of evolution disclosed by these theoretical advances suggests that the processes of evolution may have been very different at different times and as affecting different organisms, and there is good reason to think that this has been the case. Finally, I shall propose that identifying the subjects of evolution as the individual processes that we identify as lineages greatly illuminates the evolving nature of evolutionary processes. 


Byrne House