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From Damascus to Andalucia

An exhibition of paintings from Syrian artist Adib Fattel

The message from Adib Fattel from Damascus – conveyed to you through his paintings - is a message of love, peace, tolerance and the connections that bring us together. For Adib, the world is not East or West, Islamic, Christian or Jewish, nor is it black or white. For him the world is one world, multilayered, molded by history, coloured with diversity and made more beautiful with our rich cultural heritage — be it natural or man-made.

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Andalusia for Adib is all about tolerance. In its glory, Andalusian Spain epitomized enlightenment, religious tolerance, debate, humanism and artistry. It is this message that Adib wishes to espouse through his paintings which he created in Damascus - a setting very far and significantly different to this Andalusian model.

Inspiration to do this from a sad and defeated Damascus is hope and his sincere belief that the world can - and will be - a better place, a more beautiful place particularly when we learn to be tolerant, accepting, open-minded and charitable.

You are all warmly invited to the launch of this exhibition on Thursday, 19 September at 17:00.  Drinks and nibbles will be served in The Street.

Palacio Monragon in Ronda

Patio de la Aqeuia in the Palacio Del Generalife


The Street Gallery