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When politics and diplomacy collide; the conflict spiral in the Cuban Missile Crisis 1962

Presented by Dr Deborah Goodwin OBE DLitt (Hon Reading) UN Commendation

An investigation into the conflicting interests and powerplay revealed in the behaviour of the main protagonists- USSR and USA. A brief overview of this dangerous incident will be provided, but the main focus will be an analysis of public versus private decisions. We'll look at the personal drives and motivations of key figures such as John F Kennedy and Nikita Khrushev and discover why was not all as it seemed...

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Questions that students might like to consider before the lecture:

Why did the international political situation escalate towards conflict so quickly?

What impressions do you form of the personalities of the main statesmen involved?

What sense do you get of the imperative to be seen to react in a predictable way?

What was stopping better political option creation?


XFI Henderson Lecture Theatre