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"AI between Plant and Agricultural Science: Green Paths towards Environmental Intelligence"

The workshop seeks to bring together experts in the plant and agricultural sciences who are working with computational methods of analyses, the integration of diverse datasets spanning biological and environmental data, and the management of plant data infrastructures, in order to discuss what possibilities might be offered for the field by the Alan Turing Institute, the UK’s National Institute for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, and the Environmental Intelligence initiative based at the University of Exeter. The Environmental Intelligence initiative seeks to develop new ways to understand complex interactions between climate, ecosystems, and human social and economic systems through the application of data science tools.

Event details

The workshop will provide an opportunity to brainstorm future collaborations and funding proposals that could be developed under the rubric of the Turing Institute and the Environmental Intelligence initiative, as well as to shape the place of plant sciences within the Turing, a field that is currently under-represented. Particular emphasis will be given to mapping the current needs of the plant and agricultural science community, in order to establish a guiding framework for the efficient and responsive deployment of data science and artificial intelligence resources in those fields.

ATI_Workshop_Agenda.pdfAgenda (35K)


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