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Faculty of Health and Life Sciences

Business and commercial

Research and experimentation are key to innovation.  At the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences we believe that opening our research capabilities and capacities through direct engagement with businesses, charities and NGO’s provides the fastest and most effective route to application.  

Professor John Love and Professor Paul Francis

Associate Pro-Vice-Chancellors for Business Engagement and Innovation

Together, our external partners, entrepreneurs in residence, academics and researchers create a multidisciplinary, open innovation ecosystem that draws a line from some of the most fundamental questions in the Life Sciences to crest-of-the-wave solutions, enabling us to generate real value and impact society for the better.  

Food security; pollution; dementia; obesity; mental health; personalised wellbeing; pre-emptive healthcare; all examples of the challenges we face now and in the future, and all active areas of collaboration between our research teams and external partners.  

Together, we can help you solve today’s problems and build the future.

Case studies