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A world-class research community collaborating across disciplines to understand and control living systems

The Living Systems Institute (LSI) pioneers transformative science to engineer control of complex biological systems. LSI merges research in biology and medicine with ground breaking physical sciences technologies and powerful mathematical modelling capabilities.  The cross-fertilisation between disciplines enables LSI investigators to decode biological complexity on all scales, from the molecular to the whole organism and populations.  This integrated approach is aimed both at fundamental knowledge and at generating new tools for improving health and treating disease.

The interdisciplinary discovery vision of LSI entails co-location of scientists with diverse expertise in a dedicated research building equipped with high-specification technologies. The custom-designed LSI building is a flagship investment by the University of Exeter.  LSI opened in autumn 2016 and is now home to 27 research teams, comprising biologists, engineers, physicists and mathematicians. 

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LSI Studentships 2020/21

LSI is delighted to announce four fully funded studentships for interdisciplinary students

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