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Father involvement and child development in the context of maternal postnatal depression

Mood Disorders Centre Think Tank Seminar Series

A Mood Disorders Centre seminar
Date22 January 2021
Time12:00 to 13:00
PlaceOnline via the platform Zoom

Our guest speaker is Iryna Culpin of the University of Bristol

This seminar will NOT be recorded, therefore, we ask everyone attending not to make any recordings or stills (photographs) of any part of the seminar and protect one another’s privacy.

Participation in the online seminar will be taken to indicate acceptance of these terms.

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The negative influence of maternal postnatal depression on offspring development is well-established, however, many children adapt successfully. It is important to understand the processes that underlie both adverse and adaptive outcomes in children of those mothers who experience depression. One potential protective mechanism is a sensitive relationship with at least one parent, usually the father. However, studies that address fathers’ role in families where mothers experience depression are still lacking. Dr Culpin has been awarded Wellcome Trust Fellowship in Humanities and Social Science to explore the nature of father-mother-child relationship and child development in the context of maternal postnatal depression using interdisciplinary methodology (in-depth qualitative interviews, epidemiology and behavioural observations). In-depth individual and couples’ interviews with mothers and fathers provide unique insights into how fathering is experienced, co-created and negotiated in the context of the family dynamics affected by postnatal depression. Observations in home environment elucidate possible adaptive and maladaptive aspects of father-child interactions on a range of behavioural modalities, while epidemiological analyses address longitudinal associations between maternal postnatal depression, child development and aspects of father involvement using data from UK-based birth cohort. Dr Culpin will present preliminary qualitative, observational and epidemiological findings that arose from her fellowship.

OrganizerMood Disorders Centre

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