Prof Karen Hudson-Edwards - Exeter Extreme: The New University Hub and Examples from Mine Waste Environments

State of the Art talk by Featured ESI Academic of the month: Prof Karen Hudson-Edwards

An Environment and Sustainability Institute research event
Date28 September 2020
Time13:00 to 14:00
PlaceOnline/ MS Teams

Extreme environments are spaces or habitats with harsh or severe conditions. The extremes encountered include those respect to radiation, acidity or alkalinity, pollution, temperature, salinity or lack of oxygen or water, disease, political stability, equity, economic status, safety and others. ’Exeter Extreme’ is a new university hub that aims to apply the lessons learned from research on extremes to prepare us for the extreme present and extreme futures. This presentation will introduce the Exeter Extreme hub, and illustrate this with examples from Karen Hudson-Edwards’ research on mine wastes, which are themselves extreme environments and host extreme organisms. #esiStateOfTheArt Please contact for the event invite. Thank you.

ProviderEnvironment and Sustainability Institute
OrganizerEnvironment and Sustainability Institute

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