Staff showcase, Theology and Religion

A Department of Theology and Religion seminar
Date20 October 2020
Time13:30 to 15:30
PlaceOnline event

To start-off the research seminars for Theology and Religion we are hosting a staff showcase event to discuss some current research from members of our department. We will have short talks from Professor Susannah Cornwall, Professor Christopher Southgate, Dr. Rebekah Welton, and Dr Andy Jones.

Susannah Cornwall

I'll be talking about my current book project, provisionally entitled Constructive Theology and Gender Variance: Transformative Creatures, and about how it follows on from the project I set up in Un/familiar Theology: Rethinking Sex, Reproduction and Generativity in 2017.


Christopher Southgate

Christopher Southgate is developing his work in theodicy and the pastoral theology of trauma by considering what resources Christian pastoral theology brings to the COVID crisis. How may the experience of the virus be healthily incorporated into narratives of Christian communities; what sources of consolation and hope does the tradition offer; lastly (and leastly) why has this happened within God's 'good' creation?


Rebekah Welton

I’ll be talking about my forthcoming article entitled ‘Biblical Studies and Ethnography: ‘A land flowing with milk and honey’ as case study for re-contextualising a familiar phrase’, and how it relates to my book that came out earlier this year (‘He is a Glutton and a Drunkard’: Deviant Consumption in the Hebrew Bible). I might also mention my work on video games and the Bible, if time allows.


Andy Jones

I’ll be talking about Kantian perspectives toward global warming. We need a different perspective on how humanity can address the global climate crisis we are currently facing, I argue aspects of Kant's religious and political writings are the key to unlock this perspective. 





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