Biosciences Research Seminar - Microplastics in our marine environment: Prevalence, problems and solutions

Part of the Biosciences lunchtime research seminar series

A Biosciences seminar
Date21 January 2021
Time12:30 to 13:30
PlaceEvent held via Microsoft Teams

Speaker: Professor Pennie Lindeque, Head of Science - Marine Ecology and Biodiversity, Plymouth Marine Laboratory. Host: Professor Tamara Galloway.

Microplastic debris is a pervasive and widespread pollutant that poses a risk to biota and healthy marine ecosystems. A key concern is that microplastic can be ingested, and subsequently cause harm to marine life. These so called microplastics, defined by being <5mm in size, vary in shape, size, colour and polymer type. Their prevalence in the marine environment, presence in organisms throughout the food web, and the potential for trophic transfer will be discussed. A focus study will be presented on copepods, an abundant and ecologically important class of zooplankton with vital ecological roles, common to ecosystems across the globe. Finally, with the knowledge gained on the impact of microplastics on marine biota I’ll look at the feasibility of using mussels (Mytillus spp.) as a nature-based solution to marine microplastics.


Seminar_Series_Poster_21022021.pdf (645K)

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