Professor Climent Quintana - Domeque

Causality@Exeter: Seminar Series - Causal Effects in Economics

Open to University of Exeter staff and students

An Institute for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence seminar
Date29 March 2021
Time14:00 to 15:00

Join us for the third in this series of seminars looking at Causality research at Exeter.

Professor Climent Quintana - Domeque - Department of Economics: Causal Effects in Economics

Prof Clement Quintana-Domeque will give a summary talk on how economists try to answer causal questions.

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Understanding whether one thing causes another is a central goal of much of data science.  For example, understanding causal and effect relationships allows us to answer questions such as “Does this treatment harm or help patients?”  However, much of data science, machine learning and statistics is built on correlations.  This seminar series brings together researchers across the University working on and using causal analysis with the aims of understanding different approaches to causal analysis and developing new collaborations and methods.  Starting with University of Exeter experts in causal analysis, the seminars will expand to include external visitors. 




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