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Forum Alumni Auditorium LT

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Professor Michael Schrader's inaugural lecture entitled “Peroxisomes”

Professor Michael Schrader's inaugural lecture

A Biosciences lecture
Date20 May 2022
Time17:30 to 19:30
PlaceForum Alumni Auditorium LT

to celebrate his promotion to Personal Chair in the Biosciences Dept. Lecture followed by canapes reception. Please register your attendance via Eventbrite. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/inaugural-lecture-by-professor-michael-schrader-peroxisomes-tickets-320791204127


Peroxisomes are small, membrane-bound organelles that occur in nearly all eukaryotic cells, from yeast to plants and humans. They contribute to several crucial metabolic processes, which render them indispensable to human health and development. More than 60 years of research on peroxisomes has revealed unique features of this fascinating subcellular organelle, which have often been in disagreement with existing dogmas in cell biology. In my lecture, I intend to highlight key discoveries, advancements, and trends in peroxisome research and reflect on my career as a peroxisome researcher.


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