Learn how to edit Wikipedia at this event and improve open source climate change knowledge!

A Global Systems Institute research event
Date26 January 2023
Time16:00 to 18:00
PlaceHybrid (online and in person in Syndicate Room B, Building 1)

Light refreshments will be provided

Climate change knowledge empowers informed decisions at a time of great urgency. Read 22 billion times a month, Wikipedia is an effective platform to mobilise information, research and expert knowledge searchable and accessible, and to combat misinformation. Wikipedia is one of the biggest sources of information on climate change in the world, and relies on volunteer editors to fill knowledge gaps and update climate articles. Learn how to edit Wikipedia at this event and improve open source climate change knowledge! This is a great opportunity to delve into a climate change topic, work on a literature review, practice writing for public audiences, and network with others in the climate space, while making a positive impact.

What is an edit-a-thon?

Edit-a-thons are events where people gather, in person or virtually, to edit Wikipedia articles on a particular topic, in this case, climate change.

What will this session entail and who should join?

Participants will learn how to edit Wikipedia articles and be supported throughout the afternoon to improve Wikipedia articles about climate change. Those completely new to Wikipedia as well as experienced editors are welcome.

Anyone can take part in this event provided you have a computer, reliable internet connection, an interest in climate change, and a desire to improve Wikipedia content or share information.

Please register here: https://editforclimate-jan.eventbrite.co.uk

Reach out to Tatjana at t.baleta@exeter.ac.uk with any questions or ideas.


ProviderGlobal Systems Institute

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