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Newman E

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Understanding Business for Social Scientists

Learn how you can show employers your understanding of business

A College of Social Sciences and International Studies employability event
Date21 November 2012
Time13:00 to 14:00
PlaceNewman E

Students should sign up for this event on My Career Zone (Exeter Award)

We show how social sciences students can demonstrate business acumen to employers. Business awareness applies to a variety of careers- even teachers need commercial awareness! This session will provide the tools to enable you to discuss your understanding of business more confidently at interview. This event is part of a series of talks delivered by the Careers team in the College of Social Sciences and International studies.

Other talks in the professional development series will be:

What career can I do with a Social Sciences degree?

What Job would suit me?

How to get an internship

Choosing postgraduate study

How to Market yourself

Job Hunting skills for finalists

ProviderCollege of Social Sciences and International Studies
OrganizerJulia Paci

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