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Old Library PC Cluster (Level -1)

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Q-Step: Longitudinal Data Analysis

Q-Step applied data analysis workshops 2017/18

The University of Exeter Q-Step Centre workshop
Date20 February 2018
Time17:00 to 19:00
PlaceOld Library PC Cluster (Level -1)

With Nitzan Peri-Rotem

In this workshop you will learn about the principles of longitudinal data analysis, when it should be used and the advantages and disadvantages of longitudinal methods. You will also be introduced to event history analysis and learn how to construct a person-year data file. Finally, you will learn to run common hazard models and create a survival curve. The workshop will be taught using STATA software with examples from the British Household Panel Survey (BHPS). Please note that a prior experience with regression analysis is required.

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ProviderThe University of Exeter Q-Step Centre

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