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Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies

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CRPR-LEEP Seminar: Valuing Nature; the links between environment and health and wellbeing

The Land, Environment, Economics and Policy Institute (LEEP) seminar
Date22 May 2018
Time11:30 to 13:30
PlaceInstitute of Arabic and Islamic Studies

Room LT1

Dr Carolyn Peterson will be discussing her NERC-funded Valuing Nature Placement. Carolyn recently completed a NERC-funded Valuing Nature Placement in partnership with Clinton Devon Estates and the European Centre for Environment and Human Health, on the links between environment and health and wellbeing. The project aimed to quantify the health and wellbeing value of the East Devon Pebblebed Heaths and explore the potential of partnerships with private sector organisations, to increase the associated benefits. It included an assessment of the economic value of this site, using visitor data and economic valuation tools including travel cost, ORVal, the WHO's Health Economic Assessment Tool (HEAT) and the MOVES tool; it also involved conducting interviews and a workshop with stakeholders. The project blog can be found at: https://carolynpetersen616789341.wordpress.com/ Carolyn’s talk and discussion of her work will be held 11.30am-12.30pm, after which there will be a short break, followed by an informal discussion of themes arising from Carolyn’s work, lasting up to an hour, for those who wish to engage in a wider debate.

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