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Amory B106

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Centre for Rural Policy Research Seminar Series

James Whetlor

A College of Social Sciences and International Studies seminar
Date16 January 2019
Time10:30 to 12:15
PlaceAmory B106

James Whetlor founded Cabrito after keeping a few goats to solve a land management problem. He was cooking at River Cottage at the time and a few of the goats ended up on the menu. After seeing how well the kids sold, James thought perhaps there was a market for kid goat meat. Cabrito was created and has continued to grow a market for kid goat meat. All Cabrito kids are a by-product of the dairy industry and in the past would have been euthanized shortly after birth. In a world of dwindling resources and rising food prices Cabrito believe this cannot be justified. They now have a network of farms producing high quality meat from a previously wasted resource. James’ seminar will reflect on the development of his business and its mission, sharing his thoughts on the production and consumption of goat. Information about James’ book 'Goat' (2018) here: https://cabrito.co.uk/goat-book/

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