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Environment and Sustainability Institute

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A Transect for Trelowarren

Opening/closing [event], the end of the beginning of a thing

A Penryn exhibition
Date26 July 2019
Time17:00 to 20:00
PlaceEnvironment and Sustainability Institute

In A Transect for Trelowarren, Dr. Bram Thomas Arnold has been stepping out onto a line, drawn from the Environment and Sustainability Institute to the Trelowarren estate, a corner of Cornwall contemplating an extensive wilding programme. A Transect for Trelowarren seeks to contribute to an ongoing conversation around conservation and creativity in a time of climate emergency.

Dr. Bram Thomas Arnold has drawn, walked and talked the Transect into being in collaboration with a transdisciplinary team of researchers from the ESI, comprised of ecologists, geologists, cultural geographers and environmental scientists. The walk, and the work, intersects with and interrogates transects drawn by the researchers as they measure, count, survey and remotely sense the landscape and its inhabitants. A Transect for Trelowarren seeks to uncover what is already there, what could be there and what should be there, creating a composition of narrative gestures and performed texts out of fragmented conversations.

For the evening event Bram has worked with Caitlin DeSilvey devising Strata 8 of his ongoing happening Bibliotherapy for the Anthropocene (BftA), which will take over the café at the ESI from 6:30-7:30 pm. T A cross between a Quaker meeting and a reconvening of the Dead Poet’s Society, BftA was originally commissioned by Horizon and Plymouth Culture and is a monthly happening that takes place across numerous artists run spaces in Cornwall (incl. Back Lane West, End of the World Garden) and will be visiting London in August.

A Transect for Trelowarren has been developed with Arts & Culture Exeter and the ESI in collaboration with Trelowarren Estate.

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