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Antimicrobial Resistance Research

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Dr Jehangir Cama

Industry Research Fellow

  01392 727471


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  Living Systems Institute

  Living Systems Institute, University of Exeter, Stocker Road, Exeter EX4 4QD


I am a biophysicist specialising in the development of microfluidic techniques for quantitative biology and biosensing. My expertise focuses on assay development for antibiotic research, focusing on novel techniques to facilitate the rational design of next-generation antibiotics. As well as this, I am interested in the application of biomedical research to policy and industry. I jointly initiated and led the development of a strategic partnership agreement between the University of Exeter and the Medicines Discovery Catapult to facilitate the clinical translation of biomedical research. Also fostering interdisciplinary partnerships across the academic, charity and development sectors to tackle the policy aspects of antimicrobial resistance.

Key publications:

Single-cell microfluidics facilitates the rapid quantification of antibiotic accumulation in Gram-negative bacteria

Quantification of Fluoroquinolone Uptake through the Outer Membrane Channel OmpF of Escherichia coli

To Push or To Pull? In a Post-COVID World, Supporting and Incentivizing Antimicrobial Drug Development Must Become a Governmental Priority

Key project:

Quantifying antibiotic accumulation in gram-negative bacteria

Single-cell phenotyping of polypeptide antimicrobials

Full academic profile:

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