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Professor Andrew Hattersley

Professor Andrew Hattersley FRS

Professor of Molecular Medicine,
Consultant Physician


I am a clinical scientist, distinguished for my contributions to the understanding of the genetics of diabetes and the application of that knowledge to clinical practice. I became Gillings Chair in Precision Medicine in 2015 and lead the Precision Medicine initiative in Exeter working with both scientific and clinical colleagues. Professor Sian Ellard and I set up and head the premier international research team working on monogenic diabetes and I have played a major role in the UK research effort into the genetics of type 2 diabetes. My research combines state-of-the-art molecular genetics with physiological and clinical investigations in patients. I use the accidents of nature that cause monogenic diabetes to understand the critical role of the gene product in humans, in a similar fashion to many laboratory scientists who study knockout animals. A key theme of my approach is that scientific discoveries are rapidly and effectively translated into improvements in clinical care.

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