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Training and development

Training and development

Supporting Postgraduate Researchers at Exeter

Our Researcher Development Programme (RDP) is designed to support you at all stages of your research degree. The programme is organised into five strands:

You can find out more about each strand on their indiviudal pages.

As well as being organised into strands, our Researcher Development courses are recommended for different stages of your research degree. These are designed to enable your development and build on your skills holistically throughout your time at Exeter.

  • Early (within the initial stages of your research degree, i.e. the first 1-2 years or pre-upgrade)
  • Mid (those in the middle stages of their research degree, i.e. 2-3 years or post-upgrade)
  • Late (those who have finished data collection and are entering the writing-up stage of their research degree)

If you have any enquiries please contact us on Make sure to read the Doctoral College newsletter and connect with us for the latest opportunities, news and information on Twitter: @ExeterDoctoral.                                                    


To book onto all Researcher Development courses you will need to sign up to Inkpath, our new professional development tracking and booking system. It is specifically designed for researcher training and development programmes and with PGRs in mind. Through Inkpath you can book onto all our training and development sessions, as well as search our online resources. Inkpath gives you greater control over your professional development record, offering a place to record all the training and development you undertake - at Exeter and beyond. You can access Inkpath through your web browser, and by downloading the Inkpath app.

To learn more about Inkpath and how to set up an account, Inkpath have prepared a series of introductory videos to help you get to grips with the system.  

- Inkpath Introduction

Inkpath video tutorials

To access these videos, you will need to use the password: exeterinkpath2021

If you have any questions about setting up your Inkpath account, please email the helpdesk:

If you have any questions about the Researcher Development Programme or the move to Inkpath, please email

The Researcher Development Programme is carefully designed to support you throughout your research degree and bring PGRs together as part of an inclusive and enriching community. Being a part of the Exeter research community requires that you are respectful to others. By booking onto our courses, you are agreeing to our Code of conduct.

From 2021/2022, the Researcher Devleopment Programme for PGRs will be operating on a digital first policy. Our core programme will run online to ensure PGRs across all our campuses, and studying at a distance, have access to our full range of training and development opportunities.

As such, the majority of our courses are delievered through Microsoft Teams. To assist your use of Teams in attending our programme, we have developed the folloiwng guides: