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Teaching opportunities


We understand that a big part of the PGR experience is to get involved in teaching and at the University of Exeter there are a variety of different teaching opportunities available. These include:

Further support

The Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (LTHE) Programme introduces the principles of effective learning, teaching, and assessment in higher education (HE). It is designed to provide early-career developmental support for doctoral students who will be undertaking work as postgraduate teaching assistants (PTAs).

The LTHE programme is designed to inspire educators to think creatively about a range of aspects of learning and teaching in HE and to make connections between personal experiences, the experiences of others, and learning and teaching theories that have been developed by researchers and practitioners. 

There are 2 stages of LTHE. Attendance at Stage 1 is mandatory prior to undertaking any Postgraduate Teaching Assistant (PTA) duties. 

LTHE participants have an opportunity to submit one of two optional assessments:

  1. The LTHE portfolio, successful completion of which results in Associate Fellowship not only of the institution’s Accrediting Staff Professionalism in Research-Led Education (ASPIRE) Framework and also of the HEA (now a part of Advance HE) – a professional body that accredits LTHE and recognises achievements in educational practice at institutions around the world.
  2. The LTHE portfolio plus an education employability portfolio, successful completion of which results in the Associate Fellowship and also 30 credits at Master’s level.


PGRs who are working alongside their study are encouraged to read the TQA PGR Handbook Employment of postgraduate students: code of good practice, which details the expectations of managing study and working during your degree. Students are reminded to consider the number of hours that they work alongside study, as detailed in Section 6 of the chapter, which confirms that the total study and work hours should add up to a maximum of 1830 hours in the year.

For anyone who is undertaking paid teaching for the University of Exeter as a Postgraduate Teaching Associates (PTA), your contract and payment is looked after by the HR team- any enquiries you may have about payment and contracts need to be directed to the HR team. 

Full details of the support available for PTA can be found on the HR website.