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Training and development in your Faculty

Alongside our programmes, you will also be able to access training and development opportunities in your Faculty and/or Department or Discipline.

Business School

Seminars and Research Cluster Events

A full list of all the seminars and research cluster events taking place in the Business School.


A list of the conferences taking place in the business school.  

Research Methods Centre

The Research Methods Centre in the Business School has a number of workshops which are available to other colleges.  To contact the Centre or request a place on a workshop, please contact Business School staff and PGRs will be given priority access to workshops.

Data Science

Q-Step Applied Data Analysis Workshops

The Q-Step workshops in Applied Data Analysis seek to provide additional support to students interested in Quantitative Methods for the Social Sciences. They aspire to raise interest in Applied Data Analysis amongst undergraduates and postgraduates, and embed quantitative literacy in the culture of the University.

Institute of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Institute of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (IDSAI) Training and Resources

The IDSAI will be sharing details of technical short courses and training related to data science and AI available at the University on this page.

If you have any suggestions or requests for courses please contact us at

Biomedical Sciences

Biomedical Informatics Hub

The Biomedical Informatics Hub offers a number of advanced training courses aimed at developing the skills necessary to handle large a wide range of quantitative and mathematical analyses of biological and medical data. The course are available to PhD students, post-doctoral researchers and staff covering things such as R, Linux, Python and ImageJ.

Data Science

Data Bee - Doing Qualitative Analysis

Data Bee are a group of PhD students from the University of Exeter. We mostly work in health-related research and are passionate about qualitative research methods. We meet regularly to share and argue about data and we’re learning a lot about the risks and joys of working with interviews, naturally occurring data, focus groups, tweets and other kinds of texts, audio and visuals.



The Masters module PSYM202 Behavioural Science Research Skills is open to all PGRs in Psychology. The list of sessions can be found on ELE.

All departments within Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

HASS PGR training materials

Graduate School of Education

Graduate School of Education Research Events

GSE conduct a diverse programme of research events each year, from hosting large international conferences to running monthly research seminars and reading group sessions. Unless detailed otherwise, events are open for anyone to attend.

Humanities and Social Sciences (Penryn)

Institute of Cornish Studies- Upcoming Events

Here you can find upcoming events, including workshops.


Social and Political Sciences, Philosophy, and Anthropology

Politics Research Seminar Series

The Department of Politics invite all staff and postgraduates in the College of Social Sciences and International Studies to their Research Seminar Series, including their PGR Series 'Pizza and Politics'. Researchers from other Colleges should contact the department or the centre giving the talk to request attendance.

Social Sciences and International Studies Research Events

Research events play an important role in our active research culture. Academic staff from the University and other institutions come together with students to share and debate the latest ideas and developments. Full details of future events are advertised on the College webpages.