Data analysis and management is an integral part of conducting your research. We offer a range of courses covering different software and techniques to help you analyse and manage your data - whether the data you’re collecting is quantitative, qualitative or a mixture of both. The full list of software available through the University of Exeter is available on the website.

  • How to manage your research data - facilitated by Dr. Chris Tibbs, Research Data Officer
  • Data visualisation: How to effectively communicate with your data Part 1 and Part 2
  • Introduction to ArcGIS (running in the Spring term)
  • Introduction to NVivo - facilitated by Emily Taylor, PGR in Medicine and Daniela Paz Fernandez, PGR in Psychology
  • Introduction to Python (running in the Spring term)
  • Python for data analysis (running in the Spring term)
  • Introduction to R (running in the Spring term)

You can find a full list and book on to upcoming courses on Inkpath, a booking system designed specifically for researcher training and development programmes.


There's a range of online training available on data ethics, collection and management:

Below is an introduction to Research Ethics at the University. If you have any questions refer to the Research Ethics & Governance webpages, your project coordinator, Ethics committee chair or the central Research Ethics & Governance team.

Complete Research Integrity Mandatory Online training

When you start your research degree, you will need to complete Mandatory Research Integrity Online Training on our Exeter Learning Environment page. You will need to report you have completed this training as part of your Training Needs Analysis.

Engage with online learning resources

There are a range of online resources available for you to engage with to deepen your knowledge and understanding of research integrity and research ethics. These include:

Ethical review of research

Information about the ethical review of research process can be found on the University website, including links to University and College level ethics committee.

All colleges are in the process of implementing our new Research Management System. As part of this improvement, Ethical Review will take place on a system called Worktribe Ethics. From June 7th, most PGRs will have access to this system for any new applications, for HUMS based PGRs please contact your Ethics Chair for further information.

The Research Ethics & Governance team have set up an online section of resources about the new system and how to use it. This is available here.

Continued ethical review

Researchers, Development and the In-Betweens Emergent Research Ethics with Warren Speed - In this episode of the podcast R, D and the In-betweens Researcher Development Manager Kelly Preece talks to Warren Speed about is research, the development of an 'emergent' approach to research ethics and his plans for a research ethics conference. You can access the show notes here.