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Upcoming courses

The course links take you to the PGR iTrent login. You will need to be connected to the VPN to access this. All PGR training arranged by our team must be booked via PGR iTrent, which you should log into using your student username and password, and not staff iTrent.

Once you have booked your place at a session you will receive a confirmation from iTrent of your booking.  You will be sent a calendar invite with full joining instructions and weblinks for online courses 1-2 weeks before the session date.  If you have not received this 48 hours before the session take place, please email Researcher Development.


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This page lists the A to Z bookable workshops.

Course Date(s) 
An Introduction to the Core Issues in Research Integrity Add to waiting list
An introduction to research ethics review Add to waiting list
Applying for academic jobs 27/06/2024
Applying for non-academic jobs 25/06/2024
Balancing ACT - exploring your work-life balance Add to waiting list
Being an international PhD student (panel discussion) Add to waiting list
Build Your Wellbeing using Lego Serious Play Add to waiting list
Conducting a literature review Part 1- searching, reading and note-taking 20/05/2024
Conducting a literature review Part 2- critiquing, structuring and writing 03/06/2024
Creating impactful public engagement content 01/05/2024
Data Visualisation- How to Effectively Communicate with your Data Add to waiting list
Depositing your work to Open Research Exeter (ORE) Add to waiting list
Designing research posters Add to waiting list
Developing Effective Networks for Research Projects Add to waiting list
Essentials of Leadership Add to waiting list
Finding your way out of a rut with Lego Serious Play Add to waiting list
Getting Stuff Done 14/05/2024
Handling difficult conversations with your supervisors Add to waiting list
How to get confident - Overcoming imposter syndrome Add to waiting list
How to get out of your own way - challenging self-sabotage Add to waiting list
How to manage your career 30/04/2024
Kickstart your PhD with joy, clarity and ease Add to waiting list
LinkedIn for Researchers: Developing and Using Your Profile 14/05/2024
Maintaining momentum and focus after your upgrade Add to waiting list
Mapping and Marketing Your Skills 07/05/2024
Overcoming Imposter Feelings 06/06/2024
PGR Skills Development & Network building 30/04/202423/05/2024
PGR Thesis Writing: Building your Sentences and Paragraphs 29/05/202429/05/2024
PGR Thesis Writing: Conceptualising a Ph.D Thesis 22/05/202422/05/2024
PGR Thesis Writing: Finding your academic voice 08/05/202408/05/2024
PGR Thesis Writing: How to Find and Use Other Critics 15/05/202415/05/2024
PGR Thesis Writing: Q and A Discussion 12/06/202412/06/2024
Preparing for your viva Add to waiting list
Presentation skills for researchers Add to waiting list
Public speaking and presentation skills 08/05/2024
Publishing in open access Add to waiting list
Questionnaire: a very basic introduction 16/07/2024
Success at Interviews 04/07/2024
The Impactful Researcher Add to waiting list
The Why, Who, What & How of Public Engagement with Research (PER) 20/05/2024
Things I wish I'd known when I started my PhD (panel discussion) Add to waiting list
Working less, accomplishing more: Alternative practices for getting work done Add to waiting list
Working with your supervisors Add to waiting list
Writing conference abstracts Add to waiting list