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Living Systems Institute

Discovery research to reveal the machinery of cell identity and function 

The Living Systems Institute (LSI) pioneers interdisciplinary science aimed at understanding and controlling the individual and collective properties of cells, the basic units of all life. We combine biology and medicine with advanced physical sciences technologies and powerful mathematical modelling capabilities. Fusing disciplines enables deep examination of mechanisms at all levels, from atom to animal. We apply this collaborative philosophy to cell function in key areas of molecular and cellular biology, stem cells & development, and neuroscience

Expressions of interest for externally funded Fellowships

Fully-funded PhD studentships for 2022/23 intake embedded in LSI PhD Programme.

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Professor Frank Vollmer, from the Living Systems Institute, has been awarded the prestigious Rosalind Franklin Medal by the Institute of Physics.

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New Publication

New Nature Communications paper by Vicki Gold about CryoEM structure of the outer membrane secretin channel pIV from the f1 filamentous bacteriophage

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Turing Fellowships

Prof Krasi Tsaneva-Atanasova, Dr Kirsty Wan, Dr David Richards, and Dr Jonathan Phillips have received Turing Fellowships for 2021-22.

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LSI Internal Seminar

LSI Internal Seminar new padlet page with the up-to-date schedule

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